Lionel Model Trains Are A Lasting Part Of American History

Lionel model trains represented an American icon of the early 1900’s: the train. During the first quarter of the 20th century, trains were the example of American sophistication and technology. In 1900, Joshua Lionel Cowen began a company that would soon sweep the nation off its feet with the romance of trains and railroads.

Although Lionel model trains weren’t the very first toy trains ever manufactured, they rapidly climbed to the top. With the introduction of the Electric Express, a wet-cell powered train and Lionel’s first, Lionel model trains began to turn the heads of Americans all across the continent.

Lionel model trains were responsible for introducing the Standard Gauge which was designed to eliminate shot-circuits. They produced trains in this gauge until 1939, when it was completely eclipsed by the smaller and less expensive O-gauge still in use to this day.

Lionel model trains are a great value and offer a wide range of trains and accessories. No matter what your budget or interest may be, Lionel has something for you. They make a greater variety of accessories than any other toy train maker and do so in a way that fits every budget.

The durability of Lionel model trains is admirable as well. Many Lionel trains that were made a century ago are still in good running condition. How many other toys will last that long? Also, the fact that all Lionel model trains made since World War II are compatible with the trains being manufactured today gives you an amazing variety of trains to choose from.

If you are just beginning to work with Lionel model trains, it is recommended that you purchase a starter set. This will include everything you need to put together a basic layout, from train to track to power source. Starter sets are generally less expensive than buying each piece separately and they are useful to the beginner who is unsure of what he needs.

Once you’ve decided what kind of train to buy, where do you go to make your purchase? The best place is an authorized Lionel dealer, if there is one near you. A dealer will be able to answer your questions about Lionel model trains and will also be on hand to help with any repairs that might be necessary later.

Lionel model trains are off to a new era of creating better trains for future generations. Using current technology and improved manufacturing methods, they have introduced wonderful new products, including a remote controlled railroad system and digitally reproduced sounds of the actual locomotive. Their dedication to excellence hasn’t wavered and they continue to bring the excitement of model trains to enthusiasts everywhere.

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