Fun, Unique Extras: Model Train Accessories

Model train accessories can make the difference between a collection of toys and a realistic scene from railroading history. Well-planned and placed accessories can make your sets and layouts stand out from the crowd. A train set alone on the tracks is fun for awhile, but adding model train accessories can bring new life and interest to your layout.

Model train accessories are as varied as the objects you see around you every day. Billboards, trees, bridges, buildings, animals and street lights are just a few of the model train accessories that can be found or made. Details such as smoke coming from the locomotive or a sound reproduction create a fun accent for your trains and give your layout a little something extra that makes it uniquely yours. I’ve seen people who have added traffic accidents to their towns or added a run-down section of town that didn’t light up as brightly as the rest of the scene. Every little detail counts and there are model train accessories for each of those elements.

Hand made scenery is the ultimate way to express your creativity. This task may seem overwhelming at first, but with a little research and practice you can create life-like model train accessories that are one of a kind. Supplies can be found at your local hobby shop. Books and magazine are available on the subject as well and give step-by-step instructions on creating model train accessories.

If making model train accessories from scratch demands more time or creativity than you can give, don’t worry. Thousands and thousands of accessories are available at hobby shops and online. Just browsing through a catalog or website can give you fantastic ideas and may even inspire a whole new section for your layout!

Many websites offer model train accessories and will ship your order directly to your door. It is definitely the most convenient way to purchase that perfect piece for your layout. Hobby shops, however, can be more helpful in supplying advice and customer service.

One cautionary note: before you get started, make sure that you plan your layout, including accessories. It is easy to get ahead of yourself by purchasing model train accessories without a definite place to put them on your display, but you will probably regret it later. Experienced railroaders suggest that you have a detailed plan for your trains and accessories before you start building.

For more information on model train accessories, please refer to the resources below. Also, be sure to check out our pages about Model Train Sets, Bachman Model Trains, Ho Model Trains, Lionel Model Trains, and Live Steam Model Trains elsewhere on this site.

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