Collectors and Tyco Model Trains – Looking For the Next Great Find

The lure of trains remains constant, and Tyco model trains are one way to feed the passion that many people feel for trains. Train collecting is a great hobby and Tyco model trains are one of the more popular brands for collectors because many people still have their old Tyco model trains from as recent as the 1970s and 1980s.

Like many people, you may hear the words "model trains" and immediately conjure up images of a track tacked to a plywood base with a few buildings scattered across the "landscape" and Tyco model trains running along a circular track. What else could there possibly be to the hobby of model trains? Actually, there’s plenty more to the hobby than just setting up a track and a small landscape and watching the train run in circles.

For some collectors of Tyco model trains, the fact that the trains have plastic wheels seems to be a sore point. These plastic wheels apparently gather grime that makes them run poorly. There are several schools of thought on how to best solve the problem, ranging from frequent cleaning to changing the wheels for metal wheels. But how do you possibly refurbish a model train car? Again, those who are not model train enthusiasts may be surprised to find that there are kits intended for that purpose. Need new car connectors for your Tyco model trains? There are kits for that purpose too.

Sometimes, a refurbishing project for Tyco model trains takes on the functionality of the railroad cars, but it is sometimes meant only for aesthetic value. Collectors may purchase new decals, repaint and repair the cars for their Tyco model trains.

But to what purpose? The goal, actually, is to create Tyco model train collections that are reminiscent of the days when train travel prevailed. After all, the magical quality of trains is something that most adults hold throughout a lifetime. For those who traveled on a train in decades past, the lure of the train is unmistakable. The promise of the destination that can’t even be seen lures the traveler, even when he is weary from travel. In the same way, the collector of Tyco model trains is constantly searching for that next piece that will add value to the collection. And with the hundreds of sources for Tyco model trains, the only question is "What will I add next?"

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4 Responses to Collectors and Tyco Model Trains – Looking For the Next Great Find

  1. my favourite types of model trains are from the world war 2 era and will be a good find for people that have not yet discovered their attractivnes.

  2. Curtis Chambers says:

    I recently came across a tyco electric train set with scenery pieces wondering if anyone would be interested there are a few bachman ho cars with this set still in original boxes if interested call me at 1-631-205-4711

    • Donald Reynolds says:

      I am interested, Do you still have your train sets? If so would you give me more details and your asking price?

  3. POPS945 says:

    Trying to find a replacement engine for my 1971 TYCO Chatanooga train set. Still have everything else original, but want to find an engine to replace.
    Anyone know who, where???

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